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2001-10-05 01:44:48 (UTC)


well i have contemplated the whole "B" thing...and have
decided he is just a lyin player like he's always been.
Once a player always a player i guess. *not to mention i
had other influences back up that not just
talkin out of my ass here*.

I still have feelings for my ex man kevin. hes actually
prolly the best bf ive ever really had even with the
distance drama.
heh heZ still my lil man =/

then we got The OZ Man. Who the hell knowz whats up with
him...he'z confusing n' blah.
nix that.

ah yes...2 more. heh

Ok...we got Nate. I work with him...and hes an absolute
he holds open doors for me and helps me with everything.. definately hook up with him prolly.

Finally...we got Kevin #2.
i dont even know why i like him...hes nuts...and he drives
me absolutely insane.
haha i think maybe it was the name that got me talkin to
everyone knows i got a thing for guys named "kevin"..prolly
due to the fact the first guy i was ever NUTS about had
that name..who knows..
but hes seriously awsome..
so we'll see...

haha ok.. enough of men stuff.

heh today in studyhall me n' amy were "whispering" and my
seat got moved 4 away for "being disruptive"..when guards tromp through the study halls all
the time with their damn walkie talkies blasting ..

haha hence the letter she wrote me:
(i found it i will print it)

**Skips first paragraph because it doesnt pertain**

"It cracks me up that she moved you". Like we, whispering
for about 13seconds, were any distraction compared with the
security guards that go in and out every morning, slamming
doors and with those damn walkie~talkies blaring rediculous
Pa~lease, thats just a joke. Oh well, its massillon
afterall.. what do u expect?!
you ever wonder why all of our monitors are grumpy old
black ladies, and all our cafeteria ladies are cracked out
white women?
thats disconcerted if you ask me, very interesting.
Racial Segragation?
Mrs Peabody, an African American nana, needs a little
extra $$ to pay for her new dentures and decides to come
out of retirement.
she applies at WHS as a cook, cause her black~eyed~peas
used to bring in people from miles around but, despite her
reowned fame, is deined the job.
she has all the qualifications, the skills, and is
obviously under the misconception that the 1.13$ the city
pays her an good money.
She begins to raise a fuss about not getting the job, and
threatens to go to the local media, the school board, and
the cops.
To Quell her, they offer her a job as a monitor but she
In the heat of the argument Mr. Babics cries out ~ "but you
belong with the other black ladies, Dont you see"!
Instantly, the old woman realizes what has been going on
for years in this small football town:
**the end**
8 months after the day of that terrible argument, a
civil war broke out in Stark County. Mrs Peabody had
rallied the neighborhood "blackies" their legion
preferred to be called...and had trained them as best she
could. (though most already knew how)/
in the art of wing handguns/semi~automatic rifels.
For 6 long weeks the battles raged on until, on the 44th
day, Babics Fell. He was killed by Mrs Peabody's own
grandson and then, the races once again were able to
intertwine as one. In All, 468 souls were lost.
Luckily, they were Mr. Babics and a bunch of
Afro~pickle~out~a little~thugs whome no one missed...except
of course for the Massillon PD, where would they find good

~~~*My Response*~~~

haha nice story.

of course our whispering for 13seconds was a disruption to
the *education process*.
After all...This IS the penitentary...we COULD be
discussing our plans for a "mass student break~out" against
the "wrath of Babics". (such a pity he fell in that
dreadful segregational war).

And here i thought the choosing of study~hall monitors was
done in honor of the evolution theroy...hereby proving
there still are some "life forms" that are no wiser than
If that was a main argument of scientists ("oh its
true...just look at WHS monitors")...They just might make
me a believer!

I figure the lunch ladies are put here to divert students
from drug use..showing the "after effects" 30yrs down the
And they wonder why salisbury steak here is simply the
same hamburgers w/ alil gravy on top...
Ah well...the bell is gonna ring and send us on our way
to the next "fattening up" session...
you never know when ur number will be called
C.O.B *children of Babics*


haha for all u wondering...babics is our evil assistant
principal that eats small children..
more will be written on this in the future

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