the blue period

Spanning Time
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2001-10-05 00:52:47 (UTC)

sometimes pretty ain't pretty at all

Went to see the Faint last night. They are amazing. If I
wasn't so damn tired and broke, I'd go tonight. Nothing
really excited going on right now. We might do a west
coast tour at the end of the year. That'd be fun.
Although, I've heard that alot of the west coast sucks for
shows. Oh well, even if the shows weren't great, it'd
still be cool to go to Seattle. So, has everyone ran out
and bought patriotic red white and blue hazmat suits yet?
You're gonna need them once we start our war. Anthrax
might be big, and I'm not talking about the rock. We can
all chant "USA" while we die horrible deaths from some sort
of bio or chem attack. Won't that be great. Then we can
all be heroes.