2001-10-05 00:49:01 (UTC)


just got home from work...
jammin to some MiDtoWn...
amazingly im not as tired as usual wich is a g00d thing
cause i got some HW to kill...
i got my hair cornrowed all funky today @ some random place
in east orange after goin 2 lunch w/ ammo n porklip...
she let him rock the BIG truck,wich is so unfair cause i
havent been able to drive it besideds this once down the
shore 3 years ago when i had my permit...yea maybe i made a
few wide turns and almost his a parked jeep but i had just
started driving.~ok im a woman as some would say; but
that has nothing to do w/it & at least i have more
expieriance now...whatever! imma skidaddle....
"i wanted to tell you i miss it i just wanted to let you
know the last year has helped me grow"