my life...over all
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2001-10-05 00:38:08 (UTC)

my new start

well....2day was my last day @ that supossedly wonderful
skool i was tellin ya about. i'm goin back to spring ford.
and i'm kinda excited cuz i mean it's a new start..but then
again i'm gonna miss every one sooooo much!!!!!!!! i mean
it's not even funny. all of my freinds and i were like
cryin hesterically.....i was so sad to leave. and i'm gonna
go visit like all the time. but the greatest gift was given
to me by one of my best freinds, K*A*S*S*I. she got me
ballons, a card just from her, and a card taht the whole
class signed. and it was so sweet! and i'm not gonna forget
ANY of u!! ever. u guys will always be a big part of my
life and i love u all! and as for SF......i'm just goin in
on wed. w/ an open mind. and w/ that i'm out like *wHoA*