Sandy's Brain
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2001-10-05 00:24:51 (UTC)

October 4th

Isn't october a strangely spelt word? I just noticed that
for the first time. Well, apparently this is my "online
diary" that I just HAD to have...actually, it seems pretty
cool. I mean, EVERYbody just wants to know abou me, don't
they? : )

Well, so far, in this lil ol life of mine, a lot's been
happening. FINGER ELEVEN CONCERT in like a week!!! Eh,
Krystal?? We WILL get tickets! Dani, hope you can come

No military band tonight for me, and I'm bored because of
it. I mean, I may resort to studying for math... like I
should have resorted to studying for physics
yesterday...damn physics....(that's funny spelled word too).

So what's up for me next? Well, 'sides this dumb math
test, I'm goin to London this weekend, TURKEY DINNER!! My
fav..I love thanksgiving...

Well, I'm gunna sign off now, just cuz I am going to do my
math homework stuff.


"Eins... Hier kommt die Sonne. Zwei... Hier kommt die
-Rammstein, Die Sonne