my name?

my boring life
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2001-10-05 00:23:00 (UTC)

**some shit**

School is so weird, i mean its like i dont have any friends
i mean seriously i have like one true friend and i dont
even know about her anymore..i dont know its like we are
drifting or something.. i dont mean like i am an outcast or
anything its just like i dont know...i talk to alot of
people and alot of people talk to me,they arent really my
friends though there more like aquentinces... but i like
never like do anything with them other than go to
school...i mean we dont hang out after school or anything
or party. It is so different from my old school...there i
had like this big group of friends and like we all hung out
all the time and like partied and everything...i dont know
though maybe its just because im new or something and
people havent really got to know me yet. I dont even like
hang out with a group of people i just like mingle i guess
and half the time i dont talk...i just listen... that might
be the problem! Who knows maybe they just dont like me?
whatever though...i still got my litchy hoes :) there the
best i havent seen them in like forever though...I am so
bored right now there is nothing to do and no ones
talking...ahh i am so confused i like so many people its
not even funny and people are asking me out and i say know
because i dont know who i want and its really gay!

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