lost in the dark
2001-10-05 00:01:12 (UTC)

Lost the interest...

Entry. Every Wensday night the guys get together and chit
chat about the week. We have not done it about a month, so
the time had come again to meet up. During the meet, we
play DnD. Something that we all played in school. But, last
night man was I bummed. I was interested in what was going
on with the story line. It was getting interesting and fun.
I hate to say it, put that little fur ball keep distracting
the guys from Y we were there at Brothers place. I think
that the next time that we meet we will have to lock the
cat up with Sister so the guys can actaully concentrate on
the game instead of the little fur ball. I know you are
cute Fur face. And funny to watch and supplied alot of
intertainment. Still laughing about that cat trying to get
out of the harness. Hehehe.
I think that I am putting way to much distraction on the
cat. Like I said, I was interested in how the game was
getting laid out for the night. But, at the same time my
mind was on other things, which did not include the the
people in the room. Or in the apartment that night. At one
point, I was out side having a Cig, and I had a giggle fit.
It was one of those unexpected giggles about something that
was on my mind. Almost as if I was expecting something to
happen. lol. What I was thinking and who the thoughts
included added to the giggling that I was doing. Man they
were some nice thoughts. To tell the truth the thoughts
were all good thoughts, there was not a bad one in there
anywere. But, that lasted for about 3 minutes untill I
realized that what I was thinking would not happen. Unless,
something changes. I don't know if there is something that
is nagging at me to do first or what. But, Last night if I
would have seen the person that I was thinking about last
night. I know that the gaming night would have been over
for me. Well, by the time that I got back into Brothers
apartment the mood had changed from the giggling me to a
bored person.
To change moods that fast. Sorta put a damper on the rest
of my night. I should have went in and talked to sister
about what I was thinking. She probly would have got a kick
out of it. And might have kept me in a good mood just to
share it with her. For if she reads this, I have sent you a
coded message. You will understand it as soon as you read
this entry. hehehe.
My thought as I went to bed alast night.
Why do people torture ourselves for no reason ?

Lost in the Dark...

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