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2001-10-04 23:44:27 (UTC)


Scott strummed his guitar in class today...he couldn't hear my heart
shatter into dust on the floor, though. I was jealous. Everyone was
watching with great passion and fed into his every song,
but meanwhile I sat in a cloud of angst...basically hating
every minute of this display of admiration. Look at what
jealousy does to us...consumes and intraps. So anyway, to
make this short, I wanted to grab his guitar and bust him
in the jaw. See that? See how awful that sounded? Yeah Im a
bitch. I wanted to hurt him because he gets all the
attention and he makes fun of me and he goes around making
fun of other people and thinks he can get away with it and
he thinks his girlfriend is the hottest thing alive and
she's not and he makes fun of the type of music I like and
he's told me that he hates me and he makes fun of my name
and he thinks he's god's gift to the world and he thinks he
can sit his ass on the top of the totem and he runs his
mouth and he is so obnoxious and he thinks he's hilarious
and he has a friendship w/ Mr.C (relig. teacher) based
on "music" not religion and he thinks he's hot and he
thinks he's gonna be famous and..and.....omg....I have a
crush on Scott. I can't believe this. I have finally let
it go. I have a crush on him and it's so bad that Im
jealous. This is too sick for me to keep writing...Im to
the point where Im so ashamed at myself for denyin. I like
Scott Henthorne..I am A-T-T-R-A-C-T-E-D to him....

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