2001-10-04 23:08:54 (UTC)

Protest at the High School

When Gavin and Hugh came home from school they told me that
there had been a protest at the high school because the
principal had been fired. Apparently students were upset
that they weren't told why he'd been fired.

Gavin and Dan took notes and photographs for the school
newspaper. They both thought it was stupid and wished they
could go back to class but apparently the entire high school
student body was involved in this. Hugh said he was
an anti-protester and tried to get a chant going of "We want
to learn! We want to learn!" but it was pretty much
ignored. A few of the teachers spoke but it was only to say
they didn't know any more than the students did and they
should go back to class. They missed probably half the day.

Most of the instigators apparently were girls, which I
thought was interesting. Gavin said he wanted to start a
chant of "Make love, not war" or "Hell no! We won't go!"
but didn't think it would work so he didn't. I told him
maybe he should have just gotten the students to all hold
hands and sing "Kumbaya". Yeah, that would have worked.