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2001-10-04 22:05:50 (UTC)

smoking gun that is loaded

im listening to pennywise, right now, havent dont that in a
long time, but its really good and i forgot about it. went
to community day meeting today, its comming together
nicely, it will be at the garage (music part) so yeah.
yesterdays fight with clint dissipated nicely... heres the
email i got...

Subj: Re: sarah swallows pride this time
Date: 10/3/2001 7:25:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Uptown Clint
To: CrashNburn11347

sarah, this is dumb i dont even care. stupid internet
making things and meanings of things unclear..pff.
Whatever, I realize that alot of times i say stuff and i
dont even realize that they could possibly be taken another
way. so, when i was trying to insult feeling left out i
said somthing that sounded like my friends are better then
your friends.
and i can totally understand why you were mad or whatever
thinking that.
this is so gay, i dont know even know you that well and
here i am feeling crappy..
anyhow, conclusion: i dont care, youre still awesome. dont
be mad

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