the way life is with boys
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2001-10-04 21:58:04 (UTC)

the way boys are scared

well i am only in the 7th grade but that dont matter to u
all. boys can be bitch's some times like this one kid at my
school his name is mark.s. he is a total bitch for the
simple reason that he tell's my friend he likes me and shit
but yet he dont have the nurve to ask me because he says
that he is scared that i will say no to him and i am not
going to totaly the oposite i will say yes if he were to
ask me. he is so fine. u know he is short and he has some
cute blue eyes and bloned hair. he is just my type and he
is cute and funny and makes me laugh alot i think we would
make a cute cuple. in my science class it is nasty the
teacher showing us the sex ed. thing some nasty junk.well
and then tere is this other kid he is not that cute but he
is cute and adorible his name is john .d.i have know him
for atleast 4 years but last year was when i started liking
him no one knew i did because i never told no one and when
i did one of my frineds started beeing a bitch and i am
still mad at her because that happend like 3 days ago.but
now it dont matter no more. but i really like him and i
think he likes me 2 but we are not for each other for
sevreal reasons.well guy out there reading this please dont
be scared to ask us girls out!!!!!!!! love u all my peeps.
love Yailen!!!!!! la cubanita

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