What's on my mind
2001-10-04 21:30:52 (UTC)

What about me.

I am not a big country fan but there is a song out that
is called what about me. That is what I want to know. I
am 27 and happily married but sometimes I have to ask this
question. Sure I have a job that gives me nothing to
complain about when I get home and I get plenty of sleep
due to the fact that I don't have to get to work till 9 but
when I have something to talk about that somewhat impacts
my life I have to hold it in and listen to my wifes day
story whether good or bad and when she is done telling me
she gets on the phone and calles either her mom or a friend
and then starts the day story all over again. By the time
she is ready to sit down and let me talk about the stories
I have I am either past the need to talk about it and into
something else or she cuts me off when I start or isn't
really interested about what I have to say.

On that note I ran across this online diary/journal
thing and thought what the hell. Now I can say what is on
my mind and can't get cut off or looked at with a bland
stare of boring or I don't care.

To start this thing off this is what I am. I am an
exguitarist, exmechanic, web developer who loves old cars
and fast new ones. I am conservitive politically but
liberal in the way I live my life. I like adventure and a
little danger. I love water sports, snow sports, and some
land sports. The only sports I watch on TV are Nascar
Winston Cup and Redskin Football (even though they really
suck this season). Most of my TV time goes to science
fiction shows or movies. I can't get enough of science
fiction. I also have a love for horses. I like cats,
dogs, and reptiles also. I am one who believes in picking
up on useless facts just so I can have useless debates and
conversations with anyone I come across at social get
togethers. I'm not a genious I was lucky to make it
through high school and I am not a know it all but if
anyone would like to respond to anything that I write, I
welcome any comments. I geuss I am just bored of the
everyday conversations that don't ever seem to change no
matter how hard I try.