Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-04 21:27:42 (UTC)

A poem I wrote

I found this poem... i wrote it in may, may 20 to be
exact.. and it is REALLY freaky, and relativly morbid.
Well, here it is.


Thoughts of violence haunt me
All I want is out
I'm trapped in this stupid world
This stupid world of doubt

Fear clings to me
It's stench pervades the air
Violent and pungant
Proving it is here

Satan's men surround me
Slicing me, controlling me
My soul cries for mercy
Its sound lost in my throat

Empty dreams and crippled screams
That's all that's left
I thought I was someone
Fooled yet again, yet again

I can't even face myself
Trusting others- never
I can't-
I've been hurt too many times

Violent acts placed upon me
Unrighteous victims of my anger
And I grin, throw my head back
As my purity disappears

Deep, huh? Well, I thought it was. Even my hand writing
looks strange when I wrote that poem, and I wrote it in
red. I wonder waht I wrote it about... and Im convinced
more and more each day taht matt is the one for me, because
why would the devil be tormenting me so if it werent meant
to be? Since day one, he has put obsticles in my way, to
try and get me to sway from matt, and once i did... but if
you love them let them go, and if its meant to be, theyll
come back, and I came back, and I am never going to leave.

At church last night they were talking about a fathers
responsiblity for his daughter, and how it is passed to
thier husband when they get married... what if i dont have
a father? He left me. That was his choice. He says if I
do move out, I should live with him, but i dotn want to.
Besides, he prolly only wants me to so he wont have to pay
child support. *shrugs* Oh well. It wont matter in a few
years anyways, because ill be 18, and with my man. Dang.
2 years. 18. On my own. Dang.

Matt: *HUG*!!!
Huggles: I miss you, and if they dare think of drafting
you, they lose an arm

Anyone else that reads this: if you mean something to me,
you know who you are *mary* and I love yas, so much.


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