unbeleivable but true
2001-10-04 21:10:32 (UTC)


Todays struggle

8th grade

Today I started off the day at 6:40 about 1 hour before I
usually do to get up and go to school. but since the people
that sit by me got me into trouble I have 1 hour of
detetion. I arrived at school and my teacher was waiting
and I took my seat outside in the hall. I got my homework
done then and there in that desk. I heard the bell and
ironicly the next class was my homeroom it was with the
teacher that had given me the detetion out of the other
peoples wrong doings. then after that I went to my math
class were all the people there made fun of me for no
apperant reason. Then I knew at the begining of my 1st hour
I knew it was gonna be hell 50 minutes after that the bell
rang to to start the next period gym. the only class that I
like besides civics. I hit a home run despite the teacher
making the other team have slow and shoulder high pitches
and my team have pop-up picthes, then I went to the next
period not even thinking of the period before. then the
next period was science my most hated class out of
everything. The teacher left then the other kids besides me
started throughing the stuff at me and I had wax in my hair
then the kids said I hadlice to the teacher and I had to go
down to the nurse for lice inspection then I told the nurse
what had happand the nurse to the teacher and the kids who
had done that had 2 hours of detetion.then in 4th hour my
favorite class of almost everything Civics the teacher took
roll call and we studied the 1st ammendmant I was glad the
teacher had made a good seating chart not by the people
besides me that hate me. then in 5th period one of my hated
class but the only reason why I like it is because I site
right behind the girl that I like. then after that we went
to the library at my school then I sat by here and it is
starting to get ahrd to hide it when I dont want to get
imbarressed by asking here out but I hang out at her
brothers house all the time and then thats how I started to
like her the first day I saw her was 6 years ago and 6
years ago I fell into a trance I really like her, I cant
help but to glance over in reading class wondering what I
could say. But by the time I convinced myself I thought
what if she didnt, if she didnt she would might hate me
then she would tell her brother my best freind that I hit
on her or something then I wouldent have a best freind
anymore, so then I convince myself not to ask her out or
something, then my other freind is eyeing her to and Im
getting worried I interaduced them and if they go out
together I dont know what I would do, after that class I
went to the very last period of the day and, that period
was pretty nice nobody dising no girl that I like nobody
but my freinds. after that I got my stuff and headed out
the door to walk home I finally catch up to my freinds and
then I start talking to them and I told them that I like
her and they werent shocked and told me that she had know
for some time and liked me back, by that time I was ready
to run back get on her bus and ask her out, but I new that
would look very desperate so I didnt. on the way to my
house my freinds always had to breakoff to differant
streets then I crossed the street then the 7th grade mob
showed up they were these 9 really big kids and the ring
leader of some sort told them to get me I had ran to my
house in time just to get on the phone and call my freinds
the 8th graders they came over to play football but most
emporantly get rid of those people. I have to go back to
school at 5:30 pm today to tell my mom that my grades were
really good and to tell her that most kids pick on me. the
problem with that is they hate me cause Im smart but Im
smart enough to stay away from them, now I have to get on
the phone with Megan Brown the person I like. Im in 8th
grade and its really bad right now.