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2001-10-04 20:49:55 (UTC)

october 4

today was... well, just another day. except that it's the
day before a four-day weekend. but i still have homework
due tomorrow. damn editorials. anyways, since this is my first entry,
i guess i should introduce myself. my name is... well, call me A.
stick with that, i kinda like having an alias. i'm a musician. i live
in a suburb (oh, such a clue!) and it's pretty boring. but we find
stuff to do. it's all good. that's about it for now...
so anyways, it was just another day for me. classes were boring,
break was depressing (i didn't see timmy, who is this cute, sweet guy
i barely know but kinda like. i'm not a weirdo, i'm just fascinated
whenever i meet someone from my town that i didn't know existed.)but
anyways, we had chorus last period. the bass section is incredibly
amusing, even if they are (literally) pains in my ass. chris couldn't
keep his feet away from my chair. i wonder if his shoes have magnets
in them. i'm really excited to start working on stuff for our
musical, which hasn't been announced but rumors say it's fiddler.
sorry to leave you, but time flies, leaving me with only an hour to
finish my paper. if you had my procrastinating habits, you'd know
it'll be next to impossible, even if i leave now. so i'm going to.
time to be assertive.

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