The UnEven Eye
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2001-10-04 20:19:34 (UTC)

I have great fun. In my life. I..

I have great fun. In my life. I make people feel bad.
It doesn't match to one thing, I feel. Your just a
causltie of my life. I can't spell again , But i
never could so. It don't matter much.

I feel like shit. I miss Deja. I love her, like a love a
selected few. Then it ended. I miss my fish tank, I
smashed it as I cried. So much damn pain. i felt like a
baby, smacked or something. I don't know.

Did I mentioned I missed Deja? I did. I guess. I really
love her, That personality. Wonderful. She's so kind. I
never wanted her to leave. I love her, I do, with
something people sometimes don't get. My sincerity.

I just want her back. She will make me happy again. Like
I was all last week

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