Duchess Popcorn

A Life in the Day of the Duchess...
2001-10-04 19:20:26 (UTC)

I'll try this one more time...

I've tried about a million times today to get an online
diary to work. I figured it might be a better way for me
to try this journalling thing, since there are pleny of
times when I'm on the computer just to waste time, and I
figure wasting time journalling is better than wasting time
not writing.

Anyway, nothing has worked and I've wasted hours and now I
have to go get ready to go to work. And I had so many
great opinions to share. I'd say I'll try again after
work, but I won't 'cause I have to do homework that will
likely take me most of the night. Then my mother will
probably take this computer with her on her trip, leaving
me with no way to do this.

Still, if this one works, I'll keep it and be back later to
hopefully share some opinions.

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