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Fire Lillies H2O
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2001-10-04 18:44:23 (UTC)

Oh what a day!!

Holy Shit!!!!

so yesterday at work, it was sooo slow. few tables full,
and so we cut down to 2 servers. Okay. This new girl and I
are cash-ho ing. I'm thinking out by 11:01pm. Until, 10:30
hits, and out of nowhere: people.
A group of 20 and then at least 30 people otherwise...
I ended up taking 2 tables, and I liked it. I feel like
this is all leading somewhere. So that was good.
But lord, I love the people as people, but they have some
of the worst temperaments.

Dan is moving in with a girl. Well, I am a little excited
for him, but at the same time who knows. I just hope this
all works out for him, and I need to give him cat $$
because I can't have two people involved.

Oh, well...I better get moving along with todays' plans.
This world is so nutty, I swear.

The Girl next Door