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2001-10-04 18:34:36 (UTC)

Because I am Lazy

I shall tell you that I will be posting these entries first
on BME and copy/pasting to here. Since I don't want to
edit them, when they come here. Here is a cast of
characters from BME that I may refer to:
..fetisha.. is my good friend Lisa
NeCroPheeliak is Lisa's boyfriend
Vanity Star is Kasey who is one of my bestest friends
Slink is Kasey's brother Daniel and he is Metal
Waardevol is Sarah and she is Daniel's moon, stars, sky and
Nugggzs is Kenny!
MonStar is Dave, newly arrived to our area and he is
delightfully EVIL
Glider is Shannon and he is the founder of BME
XTC is Amanda and a lovely lady that I met at a Church
Gfen is Gary, he is worthy of worship

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