2001-10-04 18:23:48 (UTC)

2001/09/30 My Birthday

Long and a good weekend and its not over.
..fetisha.. and NeCroPheeliak had a
party. MonStar was there,
playing hairdresser. Kasey was there! Slink made an appearance without Pizza. I open
the door into Becky's face. But she was okay. Lisa got me and Becky (her
birthday is this weekend too) a birthday cookie from the
Cookie Factory. Lisa rawks. She also gave me a great card
and one of those bop-it bags for when I am angry and
frustrated (it will get a good work out).
Bill decided he wanted to get a meatatomy, so into the
shower he went with scalpel in hand. I didn't watch, I sat
in the bedroom waiting for the screaming to begin (it never
happen) and peeked in ever so often to see what was
happening. 2 weeks.
Ivana picked me up and we went to the State Fair. Jason
and Kenny
were at the front gate, waiting for us. Yay! Jason
rawks! Julie (Kasey's friend) and Patty (Kenny's cousin)
were there, too. We had a blast! We rode all the rides we
wanted(lines weren't bad at all), hung out. Ate all kinds
of food. And we rode the Ejector Seat. First me and
Ivana, then Jason and Patty. The Ejector seat, is this
ride where you are in this chair, and it sling shots into
the air, then you fly face first towards the ground. It's
sort of like a reverse bunjee jump. A lot of fun. I
really enjoyed it. No stress at all.
Today- Sick. I feel horrible. Lovely birthday present to
have. Oh well. I can't complain too much.
Kelly came over and brought me my birthday lunch, steamed
shrimp (yummy) and cajun crab dip (I haven't ate any yet,
but I know it's good). Kelly is awesome, my brother
doesn't know the great girl he has.
Ivana came over and gave me her present. She is so sweet.
She took me over to her new place. It's big for a one
bedroom, but nice. Then she dropped me off at my
Grandparent's, and Gramma is making chili. Geez, I just
want to close my eyes and sleep. I think I will take a nap