2001-10-04 18:15:37 (UTC)


It's funny how simple things can make you happy, even if
it's for a brief period of time.
My weekend consisted of driving two hours to Jamaica,
Virginia to visit Mrs Kellar. We went to yard-sales, and
thrift shops and rummage sales.
People looked at me weird every where I went, I would smile
and be polite as can be. Everyone seemed to know Mrs Kellar
and she told them I was one of her "adopted children". :)
I've known her since I was five, and the story how I know
her is a very long one and kinda strange. But that is for
another time.
I saw played with their dog, Fred on the beach (he is a
basset hound/retriever/chow mix- imagine that). He would
knock me down, grab my pants leg and drag me through the
sand. Silly beast. He played an odd game of fetch. He
would get a stick, shove it in your hand, when you went to
take it from him, he would practically yank you arm off to
keep the stick. You had to play tug of war with him and
then he let you throw the stick.
Then I spent time picking chestnuts. I learned quick to
use the soles of my shoes to bust them open to get the nuts
out. Ouch!
Mrs Kellar also told me that rabbits like corn, and her
son, Patrick had a field that just had been picked and the
stalks cut. She told me to go over to the field and look
around the curves and she said I would find plenty. So me
and Fred went cornpicking. I had a armful and Mrs Kellar
came along with the riding lawn mower and a trailer and we
loaded it up. Whew. I collected two garbage bags worth of
The next day I got up and we went down to the beach. The
water was over the pier! I have never seen it that high
up. So we ran down to the slips where the boats were kept
and we went sailing. It was perfect, sunny, windy sail
day. I loved it. Every time I go sailing, Bill let's me
take on more responsibility and I learn more. My goal is
to eventually be able to sail the big sailboat by myself.
I can pretty much sail the 14ft sailboat already.
Then for dinner, they had a cookout and we ate nothing but
MEAT. Yup. MEAT. And I even had Barbequed BAMBI!
Yummy. Bambi is Yummy.