2001-10-04 18:07:08 (UTC)


I do. It's forever burned in my mind.
It was in March 10th, I had gone winter sailing. (Don't ask)

It was in the Captain's Lounge at Norview Marina in
Deltaville, VA.
All I remember was I had spent the day freezing, and it was
warm and dry in the lounge. And someone had left the tv
on, and Farm Club was on (whatever happen to that
It was the Farm Club, where we spotted Juggalos in the
audience and they were jamming to Lifehouse.
I remember thinking "damn, that red-headed guy is hot". And
that I liked the song.
Fast Forward to the end of August. I really don't listen
to the radio, except at work (and we only recently were
allowed music again) and I heard this song called "sick
cycle carosel". I loved it instantly.
I asked Lisa about them, and she thought she had the cd.
Well since Lisa "thought" she had it, I thought they
couldn't be that great a band. Since I have similiar music
taste to her, if they were any good, Lisa would know.
Right? I haven't
talked to her since about them so I suppose they didn't
tickle her fancy.
Anyway, I decided to download the song. Then, I was like
what the hell, I will download the whole cd. If I don't
like it, its just one cdr.
Well long story short. I now know almost every song by
heart, and I can honestly say that I like every song. Not
very often I find a cd that I like every song. So, today
after work. I will head down to Wherehouse and I am buying
the cd. I figured with as much as I like the band, they
can have 20 bucks of my money.