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2001-10-04 17:40:34 (UTC)


Okay. Time for me to vent. Do you have someone in your
life, that no matter what you do they are never happy?
Does this person say nothing but hateful things to bring
you down, when something positive does happen to you? Does
it seem that no matter what you say, they will twist the
words? Do they
constantly blame you for something you have no involvement
in? Do they keep a tab of everything they did for you and
they fucked up, but blame the fuck up on you? Do they
constantly throw things long dead in your face? Do you
this person so much, that you do whatever possible to avoid
them? Does this person bitch, even when there is no reason
to bitch, just to bitch?
Well, I do.
And the latest round of hate and discontent started with
this email:

To: Sheila Conners
Subject: Call your mom

She called when you were up front. There are SSF's on the
printer. I am on 15.
Okay, this email is from my co-worker. She was simply
passing on a message. My Mom works for the same company I
do, but in another department. Ja-Nee (JJ) was on break,
so I went looking for my Mom. She said she didn't call and
would she, when she was here? So I figured JJ confused
someone else with my Mom and I figured whoever it was would
call back. I also asked my Mom for Sandy's phone number,
because she was supposed to give me a couch, and I was
going to arrange with her to pick it up.
Well it turns out it was the Evil Stepmonster that called.
JJ said it was her, and that her exact word's were to "call
her mom's house." Not call Sherri. So I called, and the
phone was busy. So, I forwarded the email with a question
to my Mom's email account, knowing that Sherri checks that
account, and she has MSN messenger and it will pop up with
you have mail from Sheilac. I didn't get a reply.
And I am not going to get all shitty with JJ for a typo on
email, because she got the message wrong. I asked her
about later, and she did say it was Sherri. No big fucking
Later, I get a call from Stepmonster. She is downright
nasty on the phone. Oh wait, that's how she is person.
She is like that when she is being nice even. Sandy had
told me she was dropping the couch of for me at 7pm. By
7:30, she hadn't shown up, so I went with My uncle to the
movie store.
When I came back the couch was in the yard, cushions on the
front porch. Which was cool, because that is what Sandy
said she was going to do.
So what's the problem? Sandy told Sherri that my house and
my uncle's were "lit up like Christmas trees" and that she
banged on the doors and no one answered.
She then proceeded to bitch at me about the power bill and
when I told her to stop. She snickered and said, "that's
alright, it won't be my problem anymore it will be yours."
I repeatedly told her to stop, not in a shitty way, I was
just exasperated and asked her to stop. Then she started
about the couch. "Yes, I got the couch. If Sandy called
you and told you she dropped it off, doesn't that mean I
got it?" She replied with "see. The last time I helped
you get a couch, you didn't speak to me and your mother for
six months."
I can't believe she brought that up. That's the fuck up
that she fucked up that she blames on me. My ex room-mate
like four years ago had asked me when she moved in, if she
could bring her couch. It was this big heart-shaped
monstrosity. I hated it, but said okay. Well this bitch
moves out on me owing me money, and then a month later she
calls up my mom (her friend) and says, "hey, Sheila said
she wanted this couch. Can you help me move it?"
You would think that my mother and sherri would have asked
me first before they went and got this thing. It was in
the middle of Febuary and it was sleeting and raining. But
no. They took Shelli's (that bitch I was referring to)
word, after they knew she owed me money and that she had
fucked me over.
As I said, this thing was a monstrosity and the managed to
get the thing wedged in my front foyer. I mean wedged.
Not moving at all. And instead of calling me to tell me
what had had happened... THEY LEFT THE FUCKING COUCH IN MY
FOYER. I could not open my door all the way. I could
barely get inside my house. Imagine how pissed you would be
if you came home and you couldn't get in because someone
had left a fucking couch in your foyer and it was stuck?
I was stunned, and pissed. On top of the couch being
stuck, there was a nice knew two foot crack in a wall that
was on the kitchen side of the foyer. I had seen the couch
before, so I knew who it belonged to, but I had no way of
contacting her. So I went down to my Mom's house, and she
told me to leave. I was visibly upset, and my Mother told
me she didn't want to hear my shit and to get out. Well, I
told her if I left I was never coming back. She said fine,
and I gave her back her key.
I then went back to my house and ripped that fucking couch
out of my foyer. I had to take down the wall that had been
cracked to get it out. And when I say take it down. I
mean I kicked that fucker down. Destroyed it in my rage.
That couch sat on in my yard for a couple of days, and
someone took it away.
It was seven months I didn't speak to her or my mother.
Flat out, cut them out of my life. And you know what? I
was happy for a change then. She kept calling begging me to
work things out, but I didn't budge. Sherri would get on
the phone and scream at me while I would try to be talking
to my mother. I could not have a conversation with my
mother without Sherri being involved. There is no such
thing as privacy with Sherri.
Finally I got an apology for it from my mother, but Sherri
never did apologize. She called me a ungrateful bitch
because "Your mother and I were trying to help you and this
is how you repay us."
I never asked for that fucking couch, and I never asked for
this one. The first one was brought into my house without
my consent, my house was damaged in the process and I was
supposed to be grateful?
The one that was dumped yesterday I tempted to toss in the
dumpster. It's too big and its old and in shitty shape. I
only said I would take it, because I was going to shit-can
the even shittier couch I already had.
So I asked my Mom today when she came in to work. Did you
get that email I forwarded you? She got shitty with me,
and told me "yes, and it said to call your mom, and I was
here. It's obvious I wasn't the one who called."
Why the hell are they pissed at me then?
Why is it such a big fucking deal?
So I asked, "Why is Sherri angry at me? Why was she so
pissy to me on the phone?" She rolled her eyes at me and
told me, "I am not going to listen to this and I am not
going to get in the middle of this."
WTF? She was in the middle of this the minute she brought
Stepmonster into our lives. My mother used to tell
people, "no one comes between me and my children." OPEN
YOUR FUCKING EYES. My brother and I have played second
all of lives. Did she ever defend us against Sherri? No.
Not when we begged and pleaded. Not when I was ten, not
now when I am 25.

You know one day, I hope she reads this. And you know
what, she will probably call me a selfish ungrateful evil
bitch. I will be the one in the wrong in her twisted of
mind. She will even convince my mother I am some horrible
terrible child. She won't see the harm she has done with
her fucking mind games,
her constant bitching and her hateful words. She won't
open her mind to see another's persons side. She won't
care about the therapists I have been, and how they have
told me that she is a source of my problems and that she
has mentally abused me and my brother. She won't care,
that I see myself becoming
more and more like her and how I hate myself even more
because of it.

I bet she has never noticed that most of her friends have
I bet
she hasn't noticed that all of her family doesn't want
anything to do
with her.
Her sisters simply don't return her calls, and Christmas is
the only time you will see around. Maybe that should be a
clue to her that maybe the problem isn't not with them, but
with her. A person can only stand so much negativity and
hostility when it's not necessary.
Yup, Gang. Want to know why I am the way I am? Spend one
day with her and you will see why.
So you might think I am spazzing over nothing. This is
aggravating and only one example of the bullshit I have put
up with since I was six years old.