2001-10-04 17:36:52 (UTC)


No Sevendust for me because I couldn't get a hold of the
security supervisor I know at the Boathouse, and because my
room-mate still hasn't paid me rent. He hasn't paid me
anything since Aug 6, and he was behind even then.
FUCKER. He says he will have money on Wednesday. I want to
go to the Church Social, so I decided I would save money
for that. Because I doubt Ben will pay me before then.
Last night I went to see Jay and Silent Bob last night with
Lisa and Bill, and I got to meet the very vegan
(I tried to share my Nerds on the Rope and he wouldn't eat
them because they had gelatin in it) and the very cool Dave. I am in awe of this kid,
he has done suspensions and has his tongue spit. I don't
think I could do either, but I have much respect for
As for the movie, it's a "Must see" if you are a Kevin
Smith fan. I still love Dogma more, but I loved this
movie, too!
My Grandmother's birthday is Sept 4th. And she always
says "I don't need or want anything. Just give me a nice
card." As much as this lady has done for me. A card
doesn't cut it. She loves it when I make things for her,
so I made a trip to Michael's with my 40percent off one
item coupon. I walked around forever getting several
ideas, but decided on buying a photo album (which I will
recover so it matches her living room) and those clear page
things. My Grandmother loves cards, and she saves them
all. So I figured she could store them in the plastic page
Then I went to the Dollar Store (keep me away, I could buy
tons of junk from this place)looking for a little glass
fish bowl but they were out and instead found these cool
wine glasses that are real thin and real small. I think
they are called snifter glasses? Anyway, I bought all they
had (6). I am going to make them into gel candles.
I also bought a couple of corkboards and while watching the
race tonight, I made memory boards. Tony Stewart and Kevin
Harvick were kicking ass tonight!!! Yes, Sheila is a
redneck at heart
hehehe... back to the memory boards. I saw some in a sales
ads, and I decided I wanted one, but I was not willing to
pay the price they wanted for one. I have tons of fabric
at home from my pillow making stage. So all I needed was
the boards, and upholstry tacks. Big Lots (reject kmart)
has the small corkboards for 1.99 and the big ones 3.99. I
want a big one, but I figured I would try making the
smaller ones first. So how did they turn out? I somehow
managed to stain the red satin when I ironing, and it
wouldn't come out. So I tried putting a wide black velvet
ribbon on it. I don't like it. The second one was simple
white cloth, and creme ribbon. It looks good, but I don't
think there is enough ribbon. I am going back to the craft
store tomorrow, so I guess it doesn't matter.
A couple of days ago, I decided that if I move, that I want
to do a rubber ducky theme in the bathroom. I will blame
NeCroPheeliak and his evil ducky for this new obsession.
Now everywhere I go, I look for duck stuff. It doesn't
seem to be a popular bathroom theme, I only found it at
Target, and I didn't care for the set they had there. But
I am finding stuff in the kitchen section. How about a
rubber ducky dish set,place setting and plate scubby?
However at the Dollar Store (this place is great I tell
you), I found one of those bath scrubbys that had a duck
sponge attached to it. SCORE. Since I am a bit artsy
crafty, I made a stencil out of it and with a little
acrylic paint, I am good to go. I already painted yellow
ducks on a white trash can. My uncle did make a
suggestion, he told me to paint bulleyes on the sides of
the ducks. Do you think I should?