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2001-10-04 17:33:43 (UTC)


Saturday night- Lisa and Bill's party. A lot of people
showed and then left. It was cool, watching Labrynth tipsy
is always fun. Something about David Bowie in tights is
extremely funny. I just recieved a new Sprint PCS phone
and it was passed around a bit, when I discovered how
powerful the vibration setting was. Someone decided to get
their groove on in the shed, and Bill got the key and about
a dozen people went out into the patio to watch him open
the door. All I saw, was a lot of boobie and an "OH" face.

Sunday- Woke up on the Lisa's living room floor and gave
Brandon a ride home (his girlfriend apparently walked home
during the night, we weren't so sure). Drove back to the
beach, and proceeded to take the garbage by my door to the
dumpsters. The battery light came on,on the way to the
dumpsters, which probably means the alternator is gone.
Great another thing to bring me down.
I spent the day cleaning out my closet, getting rid of
stuff I haven't worn and probably will never wear. There
is a chance that I may be moving next door, so I need to
start reducing the amount of junk I have. Since NeCroPheeliak moved out,
my uncle needs a room-mate. The place that my brother
lives in, is well... a dump. He evidentally has someone
actually interested in buying it though. So if that works
out, Tony will move into my place and I will move in with
James. I will still own the trailer my brother will be in,
so if anything happens I can still stay there. Looks like
a win-win situation right? I am a bit leary, since my uncle
in the past has seriously added to my credit mess, I just
don't want to get screwed once again.
I am thinking of reasons to stay in my place. Other then
its my place, its where I grew up and I comfortable there.
I can not think of any benefits right now. Considering I
just got confirmation from three more people that Ben was
fired (I pretty much figured this) and that he lied to me,
He said "Jesters cut me back to 20 hours a week". He
supposedly got a job at Il Giardinos. But I haven't seen
him come out of his room except to go Party with his
friends. I am getting so pissed, if I had known that he
was going to fuck me over, I would have not gotten pierced
or spent as much money as I did last week. I was kinda
relying on him paying me. Fucker.
On a funny note- several people have told me that the
Misfits were going to be playing at the Norva. They seem
surprised that I wasn't all excited about it. I had to
explain to them, that not a single Original member is the
band, and that Jerry has permission to use the Misfits
name. Yes, Robo is playing, but he wasn't an original
member. No Doyle (yeah, I know Doyle isn't original
either, but still I could halfway delude myself that it was
the Misfits with him in the band). No Glenn (like that will
ever happen again), No Mikey or Chud(atleast I liked Mikey
and Chud- and they gave the illusion of it being the
Misfits). So will I go? Ofcourse, if it halfway sounds
like the Misfits I will be happy.
On a bright note- it looks like my new clit piercing is
healing nicely, no blood, no puss, and taking out a mirror
for closer examination I don't see in any crustys. Is that
normal? I don't seem to recall any crustys with the first
one, either.

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