2001-10-04 17:32:58 (UTC)


That started bad. Read Below.
But I found out what was making me sick, I was having a
reaction to the allergy medicine I was taking. I didn't
realize it was the problem but I had changed the allery
medicine I had been taking. This is not the first time I
have had a reaction, Claritin makes me sick as well.
Allegra doesn't work anymore, and Xertax is on the list
that my insurance company will not cover.
So Kenny was online and said he was going to get a tattoo.
I was still feeling pretty bad, but I wanted to go because
I might not get to see him tonight. So I met him
at ..fetisha.. and NeCroPheeliak place and Christina and
Jason were there. Kenny brought our the Dork King from
Kentucky, Ben (I wuv Ben!). So off to the tattoo parlor we
First stop was Ancient Art in Carrollton. The tattoo Kenny
wanted was priced at $140 there and we all agreed that was
high, so we went to American Tattoo. The woman at American
Tattoo was a complete bitch and said $180 for what Kenny
wanted. They didn't want to drive to my artist in
Gloucestor, so Kenny decided to go back to Ancient Art.
The artist did a good job on Kenny, but having experienced
a professional and clean parlor like Abstrat Art. I would
never recommend this place. There were friggin cobwebs
hanging from the ceiling and and the door fell off when
Jason held it open for everyone to leave. Ghetto.
So Jason wanted to get his ears regauged and get a Saturn,
so we head back to Lisa's but she and Christina are no
where to be found and they left no note. We waited a half
hour and headed over to CHesapeake Square Mall. Ben showed
up awhile later with Jason's jewelry and we headed to Urban
to get Justin to poke some holes in Jason.
While waiting I decided I wanted to get my vertical hood
done. I have seen Justin at work, and I comfortable with
him. Since Chesapeake doesn't have that new same sex
piercer rule, I wanted him to do it. So he did. Check my
mod-tracker for a pic. It's kinda blurry, and I have a
bruise on my leg, and I didn't shave before I did it. So
that's my disclaimer.