2001-10-04 17:31:34 (UTC)


I've had many a good day at work, but today was a bad day.
Today was Commission Day (when the salespeople try to clean
house), so I knew I would get hassled if I called in sick.
I haven't been feeling exactly "perky" the last couple of
days, and my concentration was shot. I tried to do stupid
tasks that nobody wanted to do, only because it meant I
didn't have to move much back and forth and I could avoid
people. Avoiding people meant avoiding talking, avoiding
talking meant avoiding the urge to puke.
I am working up front with the clerks this week instead of
Shipserv, where I normally work. This means I am not in my
office much and I had to go in there to print some customs
invoices. I asked my office-mate if she needed help
(genuine offer) and she said "no" she only had one tracer
she was working on. So when I printed off my invoices, I
noticed there were a couple of tracers on the printer and
a "special shipping form" and the times on them, showed
that they had been printed off atleast a half hour before.
So I asked, "JJ did you already do these?" She gave me a
blank look, and she said, "No, but you can take the special
ship up." I asked if she had checked it (our sales people
are idiots when it comes to this simple form) and she
said "yes". It was from a salesperson that doesn't
normally send these forms, so I double-checked and
discovered that he had entered it wrong. I asked her if
she could call and get him to fix it before the order
closed in Onyx. She glared at me and didn't answer. I
picked up the phone and called him, and explained to him
what he did wrong so it could be fixed.
So I take the form up to the clerks, and about ten minutes
later, my supervisor tells me that she needs to talk to
me. She tells me that I need to stop going in the office
when I am supposed to be up front and that JJ had
complained because I took stuff of the printer and did not
tell her.
Mind you, I am not feeling very well. So I got upset, I
told her that JJ has been snippy with me all week, and that
she evidentally had a personal problem with me. I asked
her if she (JJ) needed help. I know that somedays that our
job is overwhelming for two, let alone one person. I told
her about how the tracers had been on the printer over a
half hour (we have 2 hours to investigate and respond to
each inquiry from the salespeople- if we don't get back to
them within that time, we lose our bonus for the month)and
that if JJ needed help, that when I asked she should have
said yes. I told my supervisor that I thought JJ was mad
because I found out she hadn't checked that Special
Shipping Form. My supervisor seemed kinda shocked by my
reaction, and told me that we would all get together and
talk it out.
What makes it worse is that I cover for JJ all the time. I
stay out of her personal business and bend my schedule to
accomodate her. Then I heard a rumor today, that she is
trying to get me fired so one of her friends can have my
So what am I doing now? Updating my lousy resume. If I
get fired atleast I collect un-employment, but I am going
to cover my ass as much as possible. I think its time to
start documenting when "petty stuff" happens, and taking a
few pictures of this and that.
Just like someone else recently said, "I used to like my
job. I am trying to like my job." But unfortunately I am
tired of the backstabbing and the petty bullshit.