2001-10-04 17:17:19 (UTC)


..fetisha.., My Gramma
and I were supposed to go Tubing down the clean part of the
James River with my Klingon Friends today. Did we? No.
What happen? We spent 2 hours in the parking lot that was
I-64, then it was raining so hard that we had to pull of
the road. Then someone gets the bright idea to call ahead
to see if it was raining in Scottsville. The James River
Runners Tubing Company said they were going to shut down
for the day due to the rain. We didn't get back to Lisa's
car at Patrick Henry Mall until 5:30pm. It sucked, and I
feel bad about dragging my Gram and Lisa through such a
suck ass day.
Good things did happen. We went to Hot Topic, and I saw a
Rainbow Brite shirt that I loved. My Gramma bought it for
me! She is awesome. I bought a hardcover notebook that
says "I LOVE MULLETS", it reminded me of My Mat, so I had
to have it.
Then we went to Lynnhaven Mall and I bought Lisa and Bill a
special housewarming gift. I will let her talk about that.

Then back to my house, where Lisa hung up my spiffy new
glow-in-the dark hippy beads (every trailer needs a set)in
my bedroom doorway. Thank you My Goddess! Bill got home
from work, and we went to play at the beach. There was
lightning across the sky and we played in the surf. Very
I also went down to Ocean Mystique because I wanted a
Medusa. Katie flat out refused and said none of the
piercers would pierce me there because I had a pretty face
and they did not want to screw it with a messed up
piercing. I really want the Medusa, but I appreciate their
honesty. If I was some tourist off the street they would
probably do it, but I guess because I am family they just
won't. Maybe I can beg Jimmy when he comes back. I decided
that I will go ahead and get a vertical hood piercing
tomorrow by her or Noelle. That sucks, I have never had
Katie pierce me, and I am not sure I am comfortable with
Noelle doing it, (not because of her piercing skills, it
just creeps me out to have a friend of my brother's do it)
if I do it. Due to the fact Va Beach has a new law that
requires all nipple and genital piercings must be done by a
member of the same sex, Jimmy can't do it.