my thought's deep inside
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2001-10-04 16:12:17 (UTC)

i'm just not sure

well today is very shity! i'm not sure why but it is!
anyway i just have been feeling like shit alote and i might
be going through like some sort of depresion? i feel good
and really happy when i'm around my girlfriend but any
other time life sucks! i just moved out of foster care and
am now living with my dad and i'm really happy about that
so i dont know what is making me so depressed? it could be
that i miss the foster home people and kids? well i'm in
school right now and it sucks big ones! i'm not sure where
i want my life to go?. i found out something that is also
bothering me and thats the fact that my grandpa is 72 and
he thinks that when his is 77 exactly, he will die, mostly
because his other brothers and sisters die exactly at 77.
so even if he is not going to die at 77 he is going to be
sooooo depressed that he is going to force his body to die.
and i love them sooooooooooooooooooo much i dont want
anything to happen to them. well got to go buy


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