Crazy life.....Crazy girl
2001-03-02 03:35:25 (UTC)

Alrighty, this is..

Alrighty, this is me...Hello...I'm sick today, and was home
from school, bored outta my mind...SSsssssso, while surfing
the web, i found this site, and decided my life was more
interesting than half the diary entries, and decided to
create my own diary! I guess i should start by making a
list of people that will most likely show up somewhere in
this diary...So, if you're reading later parts of my diary,
just know that by referring back to this page, you can find
out who people are!!

Ari- Good friend...I work with her....

Kim- One of my best friends. She and i can be crazy
together, but she can drive me crazy too! She's a big nsync
fan with me, and we have fun together.

Sarah- she and i use to be best friends until we grew older
and grew apart. She and i are still really good friends,
but not nearly as close as before.

Amy- she and i also work together and have been friends
since i can remember. She's funny and i love being around

Jesse- she and i are on the same team at school, and shes
kinda crazy, but awesome.

thalia- I don't even know where to start. Not only one of
my great friends, but one of the craziest people i have
ever met!

Jenna- same as thalia! she and i are friends, and spend
time together. shes a crazy one, and a flirt too!!

Justin- He's 19, and i also work with him at a movie
theater. he really is an awesome guy, and I'm kinda falling
for him!

I guess this is all for now! write to me sometime and
thanks for reading!