2001-10-04 13:59:47 (UTC)

First Entry-Disclaimer

I have been writing diary entries on BME for awhile. I did
it originally so my friends could keep up with what I am
doing. Well, it's become a sort of therapy for me and I
find that I feel better when I write.
However, BME servers can't handle outside non-members to my
page, so my "real" friends can't view it. Thus the
creation of this diary.
I plan on writing in my BME diary and then copy/pasting to here.
After a few days, I will take down the BME diary.
And this a big side note for those who don't want to read
about my misery or joys, people who just don't care about
me, people who use my diary to critisize or make fun of me,
or find my ramblings "whiney".
I have a simple suggestion for you. Don't click the
link that comes to this diary. Simple. Don't read it.