t0 b0dfish...
2001-10-04 13:37:43 (UTC)

t0 b0dfish... 4- Last weekend...

I had it all planned out. Friday night Amber and Amanda
were going to come over. Saturday we were going to go to
Anthony's party. Sunday.. we were clueless. Little did I
know that nothing would go as planned. Friday after school
Grant and Chuck took me and Amber to my house. Jeremy and
Carl were already there helping Mark shovel dirt for the
horses. When we showed up, it was around 4:30. Chuck had to
be at work at 5:00. They gave Jeremy 20 bucks for a sack
and left.. vowging to come back later. In the meantime,
Chase brought Amanda over. About 2 or 3 hours later, I had
Amber, Amanda, Jeremy, Carl, Chase, Grant, Chuck & this guy
Robert over. Robert... a guy I just met but I feel I have
so much in common with him. He had just got out of a mental
institution 2 days before for an overwhelming cocaine
addiction. We sat in my room and talked for a while.. while
he was listening to my lecture on keeping clean. Then...
about 2 more passing hours, Amanda, Amber and me were the
only ones left. Saturday... starting as close to the most
boring day Ive ever had. We talked to Anthony and they
asked to have the party @ Ambers house. So we headed over
there. Trying to get a hold of them the next few hours,
little did we know that Justin's phone went dead. The next
part of this 'script' is the most amazing... Eric Salinas.
Most know him as 'Evil-E' or 'E'. We called him and to our
surprise, he came over and got drunk with us. (You'll know
the story of Eric and the others down the line) He claimed
DJ while we sat on Ambers porch with lifeless cigarettes in
our fingers. He started up Three 6 Mafia... yet it was just
a beat. 10 seconds later, Eric was flowing so hard he
couldve hit the ground. Each one of us sat there in
amazement, just off in a daze... like nothing else
mattered, just the words that came out. It was extrodinary.
Now I dont listen to that much rap anymore... but this was
an exception. It was like old times. The night ended about
2 hours later, but not before I got a few pictures. Sunday
morning came fast... too fast. My mom picked me and Amanda
up and took us to my house. We compromised on her taking us
to Hulen mall if her mom would pick us up... and it worked,
so we went. About 30 minutes after getting up there, we saw
Anthony, Brandon, Justin, some other guy... and, oh
b0dfish, it was Tommy. It would figure that we'd run into
them, since I hadnt been tortured with seeing Tommy the
night before, fate set me there. Fate. Do you believe in
fate, b0dfish? Im not sure if I do anymore. Yet Sunday was
horrible. Trying to dodge them everywhere we went, yet
running into them about 20 times. As I sit here listening
to 'Pink Triangle' by Weezer, I reminisce...