2001-10-04 13:15:56 (UTC)

i have no bloody clue.

stuck in the fake class again and instead of writing a
three page report about gods and goddesses (which is due at
the end of class) i'm typing in this pos.

don't try and apply logic to me, it'll just confuse me more.

i'm tired as hell and my brother coming home at 4 in the
fucking morning doesn't help with that at all. my room is
pretty much next to the garage, so when something happens
in there i hear it. my bed is against the wall closest to
the garage, because with the hillbilly set-up that that
damn house has, i can't put it anywhere else.

sure, i could sleep in the closet, but then i'd have to
find somewhere else to keep all my miscellaneous trinkets.

lately i've been sleeping with my head against the wall
too. don't ask why, hell i don't even know.

*random tangent*
another one of my rp characters is drunk, ... again. even
worse, she (Jade) can transfer her condition to anyone
through physical contact. (she got another character of
mine [an anthropomorphic] plastered by bumping into her.)
that's not good.

*looks at clock*
i'm so screwed. three pages to type and i don't even have
don't comment. i don't need that right now.

i also poked gothie. therefore, she now has two
retributions to get me with.
i'm not the brightest crayon in the box in the morning.
again, don't comment. i don't need that right now.

maybe i should shoot myself. that'd make this go away.(the
original plan was to jump out the window and run to

*sigh* later.