Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-10-04 13:04:10 (UTC)

homecoming queen

well - Mary's homecoming queen. that is really cool... my
friend is homecoming queen! I am friends with the
homecoming queen! Homecoming is an odd time... i mean, i'm
sitting here looking like i belong on That 70s Show with my
leather boots and black armband and everything... i have
spirit, which suprises me every year. I'm even going to
march in that parade thingy because i want to! I guess
since this is my last year here and i only have like 3
months left until i leave the good old CA forever, I want
to celebrate and have "school pride" and stuff like that.
Senior... what a feeling... like having your hopes and
dreams dangling in front of your face like a carrot in
front of a horse. Dammit... this senioritis is a bitch...
i haven't done ANY homework in like an entire week and i
need to do it or i'll drag down my average. Oh well...
it's not that important after all, i guess.
Way to go Mary... she's awesome!
Can i complain a little... I want to talk to Dustin. I
mean i remember a time when i wanted him to come to NY, but
now i simply want to talk to him. Does absence make the
heart grow stronger? I think it makes me question whether
the person who said he loves me doesn't even want to talk
to me anymore. I'm disappointed because I don't know what
to think and

I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot...