2001-10-04 13:00:59 (UTC)

At school...

I'm at school right now, waiting for class to start at
8:00.. I don't have any money so I'm gonna be foodless all
day,... oh well. Maybe Chris will talk to me today
(doubtfull, but I can hope)
I talked to Ry last night, we talked, I mean *really*
talked about stuff. That was really neat, I miss being able
to talk to people like that. So far I don't have anyone
close to me that I'd feel comfortable doing that with
though. It's weird because he doesn't kid around with me,
he tells it like it is, but.. I dunno, I don't get offended
with him. With him I know he's not saying that stuff just
to spout off, he really cares... yeah...
Ouch, Someone on t.v has major burns from the 911 thing..
his face looks glossy.. plastic. *shiver* I can't imagine..

Anyway, I'm gonna go to class (oooh fun..) I'll probably
write more later.