2001-10-04 11:24:50 (UTC)

Lost That Lov'in Feeling

I have lost that lov'in feeling towards my present boyfriend. It hurts me to say this.
The romance and avanche has gone out of our relationship.
6 years ago when we got together we were both on cloud nine for such a long time. It was to good to be true and now six years later, he still has that
lov'in feeling towards me but it is not mutual.

I have found someone in which I can relate all
my pain, heartbreak and heartache. Someone I can
cry to and someone who can cry to me.

We have both lost sons. It is hard. His would
be 15 and my son would be 26. We both had disastrous marriages. He has only been married once
but due to my first disastrous marriage, it has
effected my ability to have any successful marriage because when I gave my heart to my first ex and
he broke it. It never really mended.

All the promises he made, shattered. He discarded
me like an old shoe. I feel the pain and it has
left scars on me. But I must try to love again.
try to trust again stronger than before.

I have lost that lov'in feeling, just like the
song by the Righteous Brothers says. Perhaps
It will return and perhaps not.

Love, AmericanIrishRose