2001-10-04 11:00:13 (UTC)


1912 hrs
physically inflicted.

Baggy blue jeans and a box of magazines
Is all I have of you
Waitin' on the day you walk back in my life
Like a newborn child, you made me smile
Then stole my heart away
We may be outta touch, but never out of time

Always seem to bring me down
You're like a weight in my pocket
Everytime you come around
Damn those cowboys and kkisses
Gotta find myself everytime you go away

Holdin on to you like a pair of old shoes
That you never throw away
Every road still leads back to you, yeah
Your little white lies and butterflies made me shed a tear
Still I'm prayin on the day that you'll be mine

Why do I keep holding you
When all you do is hurt me?
All my friends say I should let you go
So afraid that I might see
I can't keep on living life like this
Up and down in and out
I wonder, is this world just a cowboy and a kiss?