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2001-10-04 10:45:51 (UTC)

frustrated writer

This is an essay i made in response to an ad that was
looking for a writer. it asked prospective applicants to
write an essay on "why i became a writer".
i don't normally share my writings
'coz i know im no good at it. but what the heck, nobody's
prolly reading this here goes my
piece...drumroll please...

Truth of the matter is, I am not a writer – not by degree
nor profession, that is. But if it counts, I’m a still- in-
denial, frustrated writer. Lest you cast your hasty
judgment upon me, I implore you to kindly take the time to
read my essay…completely. Now, I’m not promising you
anything. I may not be the elusive1 writer you are looking
for, but I can guarantee you that I won’t be a bore.

Before I wander off too much, let me get back to the topic
at hand – why did I become a writer? As I have stated
previously, I do not consider myself a “writer”. But that
does not stop me from writing. Simply put, I write because
it pleases my soul. I have no other motive other than that
fact…and probably those figures that I’ve seen in your ad.
Those were indeed tempting. Mind you, the
operational word is “tempting”.

I have much in common with persons who have been hit with
this “writing bug”. I was not spared, even I too, have
dreamt of becoming a famous writer someday. But for now, I
am perfectly content hiding behind the cloak of obscurity.
The occasional compliments I get from friends are enough to
keep the fire burning within me. I cannot seem to recall
when this passion began. I cannot remember a definite
timeline. I guess that is just how it is supposed to be –
it just creeps up on you when you least expect it. But I’ve
always been a fan of all types of literary art. Ever since
I was a child, these so-called “literary wizards” have
always enthralled me (Ok, ok, I invented the term). Great
authors have the power to cast their spell on you. They
take you along for a journey that comes with a myriad of
plot twists and turns. When they sense that you’ve been led
on far enough, they finally hit on the breaks and then you
arrive at the destination they’ve shrewdly pre-selected.
From the moment I’ve discovered the joy of writing, I’ve
been striving to possess that magical power.

In conclusion…O ye, of great wisdom and power, would you
rather have me, and my budding knack for writing, go to
waste? Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? Darn it! Ok,
this is the last straw…how much is it going to cost? Egad?!
Forget it!

obviously, i didn't get the job.
i know it sucks, so no need to tell me that. ok????