De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-10-04 10:13:26 (UTC)

Altered States in Lunar Nights

Thurs 4/10/01 2215hrs

Been really busy many deadlines coming and
there's still so much to do!!

Quick recap:

Sat 29/09/01

This must be the most boring Saturday of all since I've
arrived... I did absolutely nothing except study..which is
good of course...really depressing....

Sun 30/09/01

Well YL's mooncakes finally arrived here... it's a miracle
they got past the customs! so we decided to celebrate the
mid-autumm festival... at night, the gals came over to
ABHouse with the mooncakes and lanterns and we all lit and
hung them up... Zhaoming brought we made Chinese tea
as then..quite a sizable crowd has gathered at
ABHouse..mostly our closer friends... it was really
nice...eatin mooncakes under the moonless night : P..taking
photos with all the lanterns..hope they turned out alrite...
and 1st MAF overseas...not too bad afterall!!
the mooncakes were delicious too...Sunshine mooncakes no
less... We had to divide em very that everyone
gets a piece..hehe...Maria, from Serbia, also joined us
toegether with Lauren and Rowan..both Kiwis..They tasted
mooncakes for the 1st time... and said they were great...
well they certainly are!

Mon-Thur....The beinning of the dreaded hell week... one
mega sociology essay to submit... plus AI progrmming
project programming DSP assignments.... help!!!!
Right now i'm waiting for the Prolog program to stop's been 15 minutes...bloddy long to solve such a
simple AI prob..sighz....

stuck in the labs... all the best