Miss Misery

The Truth Of My Life
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2001-10-04 09:28:19 (UTC)

..Almost Friday

I´m at the library now... Alone.
I saw my ex yesterday. He was downtown. Alone.
Usually he´s here (downtown) with his friends but not
yesterday. That´s weird. He said hello, I said hello. And
that´s the end of our conversation. I miss him so much!!
This is killing me... Really..
I don´t have to go to school tomorrow, great! Something
good in my life.
I wanna drink some liquer... On Friday S. (the ex) sees me
totally drunk, again. I´ll go downtown, he´s always there
on weekends.(how many times have i used that "downtown"
word in my text?) I hope that I won´t go and say anything
to him...... I´m going crazy....