Glass Is Just Too Small

Theres something in my ice
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2001-10-04 08:10:15 (UTC)

Another day in parrot ice

Yeah, its like 2 days till my 21st birthday. Big freaken
deal. If i had cash, this might be fun, but i have
NOTHING. Oh how fun quiting your job is and not being able
to find another. Oh well, life goes on. I hate the
computer so much, why do i spend so much time on here?
Anyway...whats new with me? Hmmm, lets see......not a
whole lot. I got some feed back from my last entry which
was cool as fuck. Wasnt expecting that. Thanks though. I
talked to Micah tonight. I dont know why i do this shit, i
seem to like misery. It seems like i ask for it. We'll
see what happens with him. I just need to move far far
away and start over.