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2001-10-04 07:58:20 (UTC)

God Knows How I Needed One...

We go to the bar. There's this cute guy I know from school
standing outside in the parking lot. He comes up to us.
He's all drunk and shit. He's trying to be slick. "What's
up, ladies?" he drawls. We say hi. "You're in my class," I
say to him. He nods, says that he recognizes my pants,
which have a big "X" on the knee in black permanent marker.
We say goodbye, go into the bar. Everyone's there, singing
kareoke. We all have a good laugh. My cute boy from school
comes in. He comes over to me and Jacki, she knows that I
think he's so cute and has gorgeous eyes. I'm pretty
psyched that he's there. She's being painfully obvious
about trying to get him to talk to me. He's having none of
it. So I back off a little, he starts flirting with Jacki,
asking her where she's from, where she goes to school, blah
blah blah. I'm sitting at the bar next to where she and
cute boy are talking. I'm talking to the boys. He's buying
her shots and I can hear them flirting behind me. Suddenly,
Shoe is pointing towards them and they've gotten very
quiet. I turn around. They're making out. I turn back
around and grin, nod my head at Shoe, laugh a
little. "Fucking figures," I say to him. He and Brett give
me a hug, and then they continue to point and laugh at the
happy couple. Girls fucking suck, and so do cute boys who
have gorgeous eyes and wear Superman T-shirts and sing
kareoke. He was SO not my type anyway.
"You said you'd stay until your cigarette was done, you
know I don't smoke, but God knows how I needed one..." -