Censored For Your Pleasure
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2001-10-04 06:45:37 (UTC)

inconstructive, unconstructive, deconstructive? u figure it out

I'm sitting here at the computer doing nothing much at all.
I should be doing homeowrk or cleaning my room or anything
more constructive then just sitting here. But still I sit.
I did leave the room but I left the computer on. I think
I'm secretly waiting for you to come home. Waiting to find
outwhat I don't want to know. Either way, whatever happens,
I don't want to know. I don't want to sit in the whatever
it is that we have. It felt like I didn't care but as the
day's gone by it seems that I do. Searching around for
something to prove what I have already convinced myself of.
I don't like this. But it doesn't matter, it's me, i don't

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