Niahm's Quest
2001-10-04 06:30:09 (UTC)

Late again.

It drives me crazy when Paul feels like he has to stay late
at work every day. I know he doesnt know it, but when he
does that it is sending me a message that my time isnt
important to him.

Everday I wonder more, if we are marriage material. The sad
part is that Never do I wonder if i LOve him,.. that I know.

Love really ISNT enough. Guess thats why its good to go out
with someone for awhile b4 marriage. We've been together 2
years.. anyone else out there have any '2' year advice?
Should your partner know if they want kids by the time they
are 34?? Paul doesnt know about kids, marriage, or anything
in the future... and the more days that pass, the more I
feel like I need to be with someone who DOES know. You

Ugg.. I have a headache. I hate being a bitch to Paul when
He comes home,.. but I dont feel nice to him. Best bet? go
to bed....