Ignorant Bliss
2001-10-04 04:47:50 (UTC)

All about Adam

Name: Adam

Nicknames: Pete, Jabuda

Birthdate: 12-21-83

Age: 17 (soon to be 18!!)

State: California

Height: 5'11 (why can't i just hit 6 ft.!!??)

Eye color: Blue

Sign: Sagittarious (sp??)

Brothers/sisters?: One older sister

Where have you lived? My entire life as been spent in a

School: Senior at NHS.

College: Occidental or UC Davis

Ambitions: To live a long life full of happiness.

Hobbies: Waterpolo, music, tennis, wasting time online,
reading, Hanging out with the greatest, Emily.

Job: riigggghhhhttt, i am lazy! Actually as of now i do
not have the time, but soon i shall be searching for a job,
being broke is no fun.

Pets: Two dogs, Reba and P.J. Four cats. Lucky,
Butterball, Ferhman, and Scrouge.

My Favorites:

Food: Impossible to limit it to one.

Drink: Strawberry Daquari

Band: Dave Matthews Band.

Cd: Crash

Songs: Crash and I'll be, by Edwin McCain.

Animal: Polar Bear

Time of Day: Sunset

Athlete: Anna Kournakova

Book: Dune or Harry Potter

Thing to do in summer: go to topsail

Thing to do in winter: Go to house in Tahoe, snowboard all day, come
home and sit next to fire and chill with friends during the night.

Candy: Snickers

Cartoon: It was Rocky and Bulwinkle, but it hasn't been played in a

Comic: calvin and hobbes,

Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Chewing Gum: Winter fresh

Color: blue

Car: Viper

Day of Week: Saturday

Least fave day: monday

Fruit: then strawberries

Veggie: Carrots

Holiday: my birthday, christmas

Hour of Day: 8 p.m.

Least favorite hour of day: likr 5 or 6am

Commercial: Gatorade commercials

Ice Cream: coffee, and of course, rocky road

Item of Clothing/ Outfit: Turtle neck sweater from Gap

Jell-O Flavor: strawberry i guess, but i don't really eat jello

Music Video: The Space Between

Number: 18

Perfume/Cologne: Tommy or Nautica

Place/Town: London

Least favorite month: March

Restaurant chain: oh, starbucks, of course

Thing to eat for breakfast: Omelet

School Subject: Biology

Least favorite subject: Math

Teacher: Mrs. Shouse/ Mr. Mulligan

Least favorite teacher: Trice

Legal Drug: advil

Dream place to live: Newport Beach
Part of newspaper: Sports

Grade in school: 12th

Thing to do on a Friday night: Well since Emily is about the only
person that i care to spend time with, it usually envolves something
with her. We can have fun doing anything.

Sport to Play: Water Polo

Guy's Name: Not really sure, maybe Chad

Girl's Name: Once again not really sure, Jill maybe

Stuffed Animal: Joey

Animated Film: Emperors New Groove

Sports Team: ny yankees,

Toothpaste: Colgate

Shampoo/Conditioner: Whatever my mom buys

TV Channel: HBO

TV Show: don't really watch a whole lot of TV

Least fav TV show: howard stern (god, that guy pisses me off), tom
green show (ditto)

Least favorite actor: ???

Favorite magazine: Maxium
CD(s): Any Dave cd

Least favorite actress: ???

Favorite smell(s): coffee,

Worst feelings in the world: Rejection

Least favorite color: Brown

Best feelings: Love

Thing to do on the weekend: whatever

Favorite soundtrack: Armageddon
Movie: Thomas Crown Affair, Gladiator


Slow/Fast songs at dances: Both

Coke/Pepsi: Use to be Coke, but now niether

Day/Night: night

Diamonds/Pearls: diamonds

Flowers/Candy/Poem: a poem, then flowers, then candy; a poem speaks
to the heart and mind, flowers just speak to the heart, and well
candy just makes me think i am fat

Gold/Silver: silver

Haagen Daaz/Ben&Jerry's: haagen daaz

Love/Lust: love

McD's/Burger King: mcdonald's

Mountains/Prairies: mountains

Pie/Cake: Mud Pie, yum!


Be a character from a movie, who would you be?:

Be any animal, what would you be?: cheetah, dolphin, some cool bird

Dye your hair any color, it would be: blue streaks

Have a special power, what would it be?: reading people's minds (but
i could turn my power on and off), flying

Have a tattoo, what would it be?:

Invent something what would it be?: a time machine

Kill someone, how would you do it?: i wouldn't ever kill someone

Streak in front of one persons house, who's would it be?:

Have one occupation when you got older, what would it be?:

Have a body piercing, where would you get it?:


Best Love Relationship: no comment

Current bf or gf: again, no comm

Do you believe in love at first sight?: no, it's impossible, you can
be attracted to someone at first sight, lust maybe, but love, no way,
you can't just look at someone and be in love, you have to know them

Do you have a crush on a school mate/coworker?: nooo

Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: maybe, at most 2, a
boy first, then a girl

First thing you notice in the opposite sex: eyes, hands

Something that makes you jealous about the opposite sex:

Least fave thing about the opposite sex: they are the most confused
species EVER

Most important thing to you in a friendship is: trust

Turn Ons:
Turn Offs:

Your Best Friends are:

Most embarrassing person you've ever liked: haha, no way

Are you a good friend?: i have my moments

If you could meet one person in the whole world, whom would it be?:


Criminal Record: yah right

Word you most often misspell: stupid stuff

Do you gossip?: i try not to

Do you save AOL conversations?: important ones

Do you speak any other languages?: a veces, hablo espanol

If you couldn't do your dream job/career, what would be second best?

Last Book you read: left behind, right now, the source

Name some of the fav. things in your bedroom:

The meaning of life is: to survive

Thing you like about yourself the most: i care

Things you look forward to: going away

This makes me cry: oh please everything

This makes me smile: when people say nice things to/about me

What do you remember most about this year

Memory you miss the most: how can you miss a memory? i don't

What's on your mouse pad?:

What do you enjoy doing the most?: laughing

In the car, AC or windows open?: windows open, i love letting fresh
air in

Where do you see yourself when you're 40?: no clue

Where are you more likely to end up, jail or the insane asylum?:
insane asylum

First thing you thought of when you woke up this morning: god, i hate

How many rings before you answer the phone?: however many it takes me
dodge all the obstacles in my room and pick up

Do you like to drive?:
What do you wear to bed?:

Best advice ever given: just do your best and that's really all you
can do

A non-sport game at which you excel: connect 4!!

Coolest experience of your life: france and london

Scariest thing you've ever done: ask AR to turnabout (seriously, i
don't have to do THAT many scary things)

Thing you most regret:
i regret ruining my friendship with nic. weird, eh?

Thing you wish you'd have done

Most influential person in your life: me

Funniest person you know:

Book you would most like to read: t

How many books do you read a week?: one (the book i am reading now is
like 900 pages, so...)

How many hours of TV do you watch a week?: hardly any

Best excuse line of all time: umm, i'm sorry?

Most embarrassing moment: never really had that embarassing a moment

One pillow or two?: two, most definitely

Best thing to do for a friend in a bad mood: take them out and play

Most looking forward to doing this summer: not being in school

Best Halloween costume ever: dice, and a present

Weirdest thing you've ever done: umm, i have no idea

Biggest pet peeve:


If you weren't named you, what would you be named?

Complete this statement--God is: someplace i can't reach

When was the last time you spent Friday night home alone or with your
parents? too long ago to remember (refer to pete statement earlier in

Is that unusual? hmm

Which actor/actress would you most like to date?

Which actor/actress would you most like to marry?

Do you make your hot chocolate with big marshmallows, little
marshmallows, those weird Lucky Charms marshmallows in the bag, no
marshmallows, or whipped cream? whipped cream

If you had to choose between watching a porno with your parents or a
porno starring your parents, which would you pick and why? oh my god,
eew, umm, watching a porno with them, oh dirty dirty dirty

What's your guiltiest pleasure (please don't say watching porno
starring your parents)? eating chocolate

Which Shakespearean character are you most like
Which literary character in general? don't know

Assuming we believe in reincarnation, which animal were you in a past
life? a puffer fish

How much money do you have in your savings account right now? haha, a
couple hundred, at least dad paid for cole's chop house (a whopping

If there were such a thing as a stupid people colony, who would be
the first person you'd ship there? oh god, there are way too many,
umm, dana?

What's the most bizarre deja vu or presque vu you've had? presque vu?

What's the most bizarre dream? don't know

Single people: How often do you feel depressed that you're single?
all the that good?

Creative Outlet: writing

Not-so-Secret Desire
If money wasn't an issue, what would you like to do for a living?

If fashion wasn't an issue, what random outfit would you wear all the
time? my sweats and jammies

If subsisting and surviving weren't issues, what food would you eat
for the rest of your life? hmm, chocolate, and mac n cheese

Favorite Song Lyrics and I want an Example Here:

Band you think you should listen to more: radiohead

Your kids names will be: theo and chloe (i will probably have twins)

What kind of mental hospital patient would you be? (you know, bitter,
bizarre, quirky, suicidal, self involved, innocent--be creative) the
pyscho one (hehe)

What are you wearing right now?

What's your favorite children's book (up to 5th grade level)? phanton

What do you think is the biggest mystery in the world? life

What is a sunset? a painting

Favorite oldies song: too many to pick

Write a poem: if i were to fall in love

The Ideal Prom would be:

Favorite Movie from or about the Eighties: ??

When I say Flint, Michigan, what do you think of? what? i think of
dr. wolter b/c he loves that college in michigan

When I say Survey All Done, what do you think of? now i can go eat

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