Queer Focus
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2001-10-04 04:31:28 (UTC)

Somebody's Getting Married Today

Today?? To sum it up into one small word, interesting...it
wasn't anything exciting though, and that is what I need.
I can look forward to another little trip away though.
Tomorrow morning Chance will be here to pick us up; we are
on our way back to Lex and Chance's house because they are
getting married next Friday. Earlier this week, I was
trying to find a way to get us there and then I spoke with
Lex. Chance had to drive up to North Carolina today, so on
his way back, he is gonna pick us up. It is earlier than
when we planned, but can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
So we will be on our way sometime around lunchtime
tomorrow. I am so excited to be going to a gay wedding
finally in my life. It will be my first and to make it
even more exciting, the wedding will be perfectly legal.
See we are having the married on a boat off of South
Carolina. While South Carolina does not have legality in
gay marriages, the man who is marrying them works for the
Coast Guard and according to the laws, if two people get
married far enough off shore (approximately 10 miles), then
they will be in international waters. And according to all
laws, or lack there of, there are NO laws that prohibit
marriages of any sexes in international waters. Therefore,
the marriage will be legal. Isn't that just so cool!?!
Well, Jordan has made comments that he may not go, and
truthfully, I would actually prefer that he didn't. Only
because I think we need a break from one another, some time
apart so that we could not be in each others ass ALL THE
TIME. But, I know him, so he WILL be going. Oh well, no
break for me...