Ignorant Bliss
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2001-10-04 04:01:01 (UTC)

a butt kickin, but ah well

Well yeah, my team got thier butt kicked again, losing is s
hard to handle let me tell you. We lost 13-3 and they were
letting up the whole game, how embarrasing is that. I did
score all three goals though, i am always scoring all of
the goals for my team. I just have to keep telling myself
that i am almost done with high school and i should be
playing college ball soon enough, but iwish i had just one
other person i could rely on besides myself, ah well.

Usually after my team gets their butts kicked i am in the
worst mood ever, but tonight i am actually in a very good
mood. Do i know why?? I have not he slightest idea why?
Nothing spectacular happened to me today. Really I would
think i would be in a crappy/hate the world type of mood, i
mean my team lost, my toe is throbing (it is broken) I
have a ton of studying to do and my ove life still sucks,
but oh well i will enjoy notbeing upset while it lasts.

Well i'm out, peace yo.