my personal thoughts
2001-10-04 03:43:56 (UTC)


Hi all
Well how are you today? I am not so good today I really
miss Jerome a lot and I missed him so much today that I
gave into the urge to call him and he was not even home.To
give you a little back ground on who Jerome is her is how
it all started my sister brought him over to the house
about a year ago and he kept coming back looking for her
but she was never there because she di not live there she
lived with her mom, but that did not last long because her
mom would not go out and lett he party, so she came to our
house where she could com and go as she pleased because she
is after all 22. Well after she started staying she talked
dad into letting Jerome stay with us to well little did I
know at the time we were gong to be best friends and I
would end up loving him but that is how it went and know I
love him and he left me because he is 21 and I am 16 he
thinks it is better for me.HAHAHA!!! Well if you have any
thoughts write me.