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2001-10-04 03:32:47 (UTC)

So far...

what has happened in such a long time....
i have a swollen eye, it is purple by now... and i have two
scars, one next to my eye and the other one over it... coz
at school we were playing and i fell where the tree is and
the lads found somehow funny to jump over the pile of girls
over me... but one of them failed and landed on my face
with his elbow... i'm getting x-rays on friday just to
check that there's no injury done to my skull or anything...
i still cant believe that Danya and my cursh are a
couple... i'm too sad. and the worst of all is that i told
Danya to accept. coz then my crush would be really sad...
and i dont want to happen. he just wants me as a friend,
and i'm getting along with him pretty well! maybe someday
between today and the day that i die, we will be
something... dont think so, but there's no harm in dreaming
is it?
g2g, my eye hurts too much

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