Date With Destiny
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2001-10-04 03:29:51 (UTC)


Rule 1:
 Heart-Centered Planning begins and ends with a feeling –
so did it?
Rule 2:
 must be your plan and no one else’s – is it? "Don’t go
outside of yourself for your plan because you can’t find it
Rule 3:
 To discover your plan, stop thinking about it. Spend free
time doing something you truly love to do, that you don’t
ordinarily do because you can’t afford the time or the
money to do it.
 experience, as fully as possible, the end product of an
exciting plan which is the experience of joy which your
plan must create for you in order for it to work for you.
And to experience that joy requires that we spend more time
before we create our plan, tasting the emotional fruits of
Rule 4:
 ... is always able to be summarized in a brief,
declarative statement which always beings with "I Want…,"
and always ends with an experience of having moved forward
from where you are…and can be demonstrated by your new
ability to do something you love to do more often than
you’re able to do it now.
 Note that the objective here is not something to have,
but something to experience. To feel yourself experiencing
something you love before you actually experience it is
tantamount to experiencing it. Experiencing the experience
is core to the successful realization of The Business Plan
That Always Works because it distracts you from your head
where thoughts reside and puts you squarely in your body
where feelings reside
Rule 5:
 it is critical that you create a series of Frames of
Reference within which you achieve it over a specific
amount of time
 know the personal inner joy that comes from resting on
the way forward, while getting a clear sense of where we’ve
come from and a new picture of where we’re going
Rule 6:
 the plans we create reflect the life we live rather than
the life we want to live
 we must be passionately interested in who we really are
and what it is that really moves us. To do this then, we
must every day ask ourselves this question, "Who am I?–and
then answer it
Rule 7:
 until we are able to do rules number one through six with
ease, anything we do which closely resembles them is better
than anything which doesn’t